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Waiting until the very last minute to call a roofing company for a complete roof replacement is very risky and dangerous. Old and damaged roofs pose a safety risk for everyone who lives underneath them. Responsible Maryland homeowners are tasked to keep an eye on the state of their roofs and know when it is time for a replacement.

Since not everyone is an expert at determining roofing conditions we at WF Schmidt Construction Company, LLC, the professionals in all things roofing have compiled the following signs that indicate it is time to give us a call:

The Roof’s Age
Even if at first glance the roof looks in excellent condition, its age might be saying something else. The older the roof gets, the more it requires replacement because repairs will no longer suffice. Living under a roof that has passed its expected lifespan gets more dangerous with each passing year.

If you’re not quite sure how old your current roof is, call one of the expert roofing companies Maryland has and schedule an inspection as soon as possible.

Gutter Is Full Of Granules
Granules on shingles have several added values. They add texture and a bit of color while also increase the roof’s resistance to fire and UV rays. Due to weather conditions and changes in temperature, some of these granules will get washed away, and that is normal.

However, when the gutter is full of granules it is a clear sign that the amount of damage is getting bigger and a roof replacement should be scheduled sooner, rather than later.

Shingles That Buckle And Curl
Take the time to do a visual roof inspection yourself. If you notice shingles that buckle or curl, it’s time for a roof replacement. Buckling looks like something is trying to push out the shingles while curling shingles have sides that are detached from the roof. Either way, both malformations indicate that there is moisture trapped under the shingles.

When left unattended for a prolonged period, the moisture can seep into the internal part of the home cause a significant amount of property damage.

Roof Lines Are Sagging
Straight roof lines aren’t just aesthetically pleasing, they are also an indication of the roof’s health. Once the roof lines being to sag, the roof itself is on the verge of collapsing and It poses a threat to everyone living inside the house. There is no time to waste, one of the best roofing companies Maryland must take action and fix the problem before someone gets hurt.

Local Maryland Roofing Contractors Ready To Help

The moment you start noticing one or more of the signs mentioned, do not hesitate to contact our WF Schmidt Construction Company, LLC team at (443) 470-8889 or visit our website https://wfsroofingcompany.com/. Our expert roofers will gladly inspect your roof and give their expert recommendations on how to proceed with repairs or replacement.

As one of the most trusted Baltimore roofing contractors, it is our duty to ensure the roof over your head is safe and secure.


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