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There are many maryland roofing companies but only one provides you with the most high quality services. Known as WF Schmidt Construction Company LLC, we are a company that is capable of providing you with the best roofing installation and repair possible. We make use of the latest types of equipment and highly skilled personnel to provide your home or office building with a good quality roof. We are a family-owned company.

Therefore, there is cohesion between the management and roof repair technicians. Secondly, we have been in business ever since 1987. As such, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience on how to create the best roofing solutions for you. Here is more about our company and the solutions which we have to offer.

What is WF Schmidt Construction Company LLC?

Located in Hanover, Maryland, our company is skilled in the installation and provision of roofing, gutters and siding as well. While working for our clients, we put quality and safety at the forefront of matters. In doing so, we ensure that our customers enjoy peace of mind. If your roof needs replacement or repair, we are the company for the job.

Every project is taken very personally so as to ensure the delivery of quality. Moreover, we handle all the aspects of the project such as logistics, planning, procurement of materials and all installation too. Our services are available throughout Maryland and South Central Pennsylvania. Here is more on what we offer.

What are our services?

Our company is one of the few maryland roofing companies which is capable of providing a variety of services for residential and commercial buildings. Each project is assigned a project manager. Their job is to perform initial planning of the task and eventually handle the punch notes. Moreover, our project managers perform tasks such as:

The achievement of new aesthetics or the maintenance of current ones

Cost management

Guarantee the durability of the eventual roof by ensuring adherence to industry standards of construction

Achievement of the architectural style that is desired

In performing these tasks, the project manager ensures that the technicians yield the required results. They perform the following tasks to ensure that your roof is installed or repaired in the desired manner:

  • Use quality materials and stick to the safest, most effective building processes
  • Put safety first and wear the equipment required for commercial and residential construction
  • The technicians treat your home with the same respect that they would their own homes
  • Use their skills to give you good results
  • Apply common sense to ensure that any mess in your home is reduced as much as possible

The services that we have for you

Our company has services for both residential and commercial buildings. Our residential services include:

  • Installation of roofing materials such as asphalt, shingle, cedar shakes and EPDM
  • Repair and maintenance of your roof
  • Handling warranties and insurance for you
  • Establishing ventilation in the attic
  • Replacing any flashing or decking

In addition to these services, the WF Schmidt Construction Company LLC also provides commercial services such as:

  • Installing roof materials such as metal, TPO sheets, single-ply membranes and asphalt
  • Ensuring that business operations stay smooth during roof installation through measures such as keeping the paths unobstructed and using required safety signage
  • Keeping you informed about progress
  • Staying within the established budget


We are the premiere company in Maryland to consult about roof repair and installation. We accept all major credit cards and allow for Wells Fargo financing. As such, we make it very convenient for you to pay for our services. To get in touch with one of the top maryland roofing companies, simply call (443) 314-8950 or send us an email at

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