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A family-owned and operated Hanover PA roofer that always exceeds all roofing project expectations.

The roof over your head protects you and everyone else under it from the harsh external weather conditions. Naturally, roofing material tends to degrade over time, the rate of degradation is even faster when you are located in an area where weather conditions shift drastically with each passing season.

Allowing the roof on your home or business to stay damaged through the years will only result in more expensive and extensive repairs in the foreseeable future. Instead of waiting until the roof becomes a safety hazard, it is highly recommended to call the best roofer in Hanover PA to do a quick roof health assessment.

Choose Local Roofing Contractors

WF Schmidt Construction Company, LLC has been providing high-quality and dependable roofing services for clients within the South Central Pennsylvania area and several counties of Maryland. Clients have stayed loyal to our company because our expertly trained crew members always exceed expectations.

When you trust our family-owned and operated company it is a guarantee that services are always prompt, deadlines are met, and only the latest roofing installation techniques and technologies will be used to finish the project.

What Our Team Offers

There are many qualities that set WF Schmidt Construction Company, LLC apart from other roofing contractors all over the country. As our client, you can expect top-notch services from the initial estimate request until the last construction debris is cleared from your property. These are some of the services the best roofer in Hanover PA provides customers :

Flexible Schedules

We understand that while your roof is being repaired or replaced you have other responsibilities to juggle. As a way to accommodate your busy schedule while ensuring quality work is being done by our licensed roofing professionals, we offer flexible scheduling. Simply coordinate with our team about your special timing requests and our roofing specialists will comply with your schedule.

Fast Lead Time

Working with our team of highly trained roofing specialists ensures that your roof is finished as soon as possible. Yes, even if you opt for a flexible schedule a fast lead time is still possible.

Complete Project Management

Not only do our clients get a chance to work with roofing contractors with over 18 years of experience, but you are also privy to stress-free project management. Our team will handle every detail of the project including, but not limited to installation inspections and overall roof quality checks.

100% Certified

All of our roofing specialists and contractors are trained, certified, and most of all passionate when it comes to providing customers with the best roofing solutions available. Aside from our team’s commitment to excellent service, all our projects use top-notch materials with exceptional warranties. The best materials plus the team’s unmatched skills and labor warranty there is no doubt that you are in the hands of the best roofing contractors in the area.

Request for a quote from the most trusted Hanover PA roofer today to see which roofing solutions can meet your budget, timeline, and most of all, your expectations.

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